Personal Tracker

a product feature that allows persons to be tracked by a system that can make available the person's position to other systems or a person.


This device has a high battrey and Gps capacity n possibly applicable for the tracking of children,elders,workers and prisoners.



This device is used for asset tracking and additional protection against thefts of valuable goods, as well as it could be used in wide range of applications from tools tracking to personal tracking and must be integrated with FMX devices.



This device is Small, professional and waterproof tracker for e-forklifts and e-scooters with internal high gain GNSS/GSM antennas, Bluetooth, high capacity internal Li-Ion battery and 10-97 V power supply range for integration variety.



This device has a high capacity battrey,Gps and a two way configured voice communication, SMS and record.


Button Gps Tracker

This device has buttons that to press can thus be used as a safety or emergency button for your loved ones, if you're using the Tracker to keep an eye on them.

Keychain Gps Tracker

This device is Designed specifically to help caregivers and family members locate a vulnerable person if they wander and become lost.

ID Card Gps Tracker

This device is a gsm tracker integrated with a personal GPS tracking system. Real-time tracking, SOS Alarm, Voice listing, low battery alert, 1500 mah Battery, Alarm mode by SMS/Calling are some useful features.

PET & Livestock Tracker

Portable, pet and livestock owners can monitor the movement of their pets or livestock and receive automatic alerts when movement thresholds are compromised.

Gps Tracker with solar panel

This Device is a smart self-powered GPS tracker with high accuracy GPS module and work a long time with sunlight charging