Asset Tracker

GeoNet provides the best Real time gps tracking service that u can easily monitor from your Mobile Phone and allows you to turn your car's engine off if it ever gets stolen.

FMB 120

  • Operation without external power source
  • Effortless Plug & Play installation
  • Eco driving scenario for all-round better driving

FMB 130

  • Extended product usage scenarios
  • Extensive remote monitoring possibilities
  • CAN adapter support

FMB 125

  • Extended product usage scenarios
  • Fuel monitoring and more
  • Significantly lower roaming costs

FMC 125

  • Future-proof network support
  • Fuel monitoring and more
  • Significantly lower roaming costs


  • This device is Specially designed motorbike gps tracker and Supports Real time web tracking software

LTE Gps tracker GT071

  • This Device is a specially designed waterproof GPS Tracking device with 4G bands.

Speed Limiter

There is an inherent risk when driving a car – not just for the driver, but for others on the road and are designed to enhance safety by reducing the risks created by drivers selecting the speed they wish to drive.

Uniguard UT045

  • Camera connection
  • Remote management via GPRS
  • Digital sensors & Communication via UDP


  • It is a 2G GPS tracker with speed limit function,GPS real time tracking,online fleet management system, SMS messages alarms,data record,fuel monitor.